A Few Words About Us

A few words about us

Shpolabio is an agricultural company that grows grains and oilseeds. In practice we deal with problems of protecting plants from pests.

There is a branch in this Company’s structure, which searches, researches, produces and sales biological agents, pheromones, glue traps. Our products are perfect for Integrated Plant Protection in both seedbed and cornfields.

Shpolabio is a reliable and professional Ukrainian agricultural producer partner on implementation of decisions on biological methods of protecting plants from lepidopteran.

We offer a range of measures that includes:

  • monitoring and inspection crops;
  • delivery of biological agents - Trichogramma;
  • ensuring of their cropping;
  • consultation and support are available.


Your benefits

Our Company offers you a list of advantages which you’ll get using our products and service. Here they are:

  • natural protection of crops against Lepidoptera pests;
  • low prices of biological methods compared to insecticides;
  • care about the environment;
  • increasing crop yields.

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