We decided to explain to our customers, as well as site visitors what diapausing trichogramma. Often sellers offer for application Trichogramma with a different term revitalization including diapausing, which comes alive in 9-10 days. This supposedly will improve the use and save money on making of Trichogramma..

We know that much of the caterpillar pests can migrate from areas surrounding agricultural crops and were not populated trichogramma. Therefore, the effectiveness of biological control of pests of Trichogramma should be combined making and ectoparasites - Habrobracon hebetor Say.

To ensure true protection of plants from pests must realize that plant - a living organism. All by analogy with the treatment of human disease - here and chemical and biological methods; but in the first place - diagnosis and prevention. Most can be treated, but effectively - only doctor - specialist.

In this article, we compare only the economic advantages of biological methods to chemical plant protection. Given that almost all insecticides foreign production and significant devaluation of the national currency, compare the cost of planting one hectare of corn in conventional units.

Have you thought about what pests and diseases on crop plants snatch that person cherishes in fields or gardens, at the time when the whole wild flora, healthy farmers who are not engaged in growing, prospers and multiplies without any sort of protection? What does "without any sort of protection," specify. Protection is still there. So to compare it protects plants "internal security": the natural health and secure immunity. And no wonder - the environment.


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