We decided to explain to our customers, as well as site visitors what diapausing trichogramma. Often sellers offer for application Trichogramma with a different term revitalization including diapausing, which comes alive in 9-10 days. This supposedly will improve the use and save money on making of Trichogramma.

Diapausing trichogramma

Diapausa a long-term inhibition of metabolism and all kinds of activity in response to the signaling effects of seasonal climate changes.

Diapause controlled by both external (temperature, length of daylight there is.) and internal (hormonal) factors. It is a form of insects adapt to life in countries with sharp seasonal changes in climate

No exception is trichogramma and larvae which in September - October in response to the change of photoperiod and temperature, moving into a state of diapause. Wintering diapause in of Trichogramma larvae lasts about two months, after which they are in a state of torpor. In this state trichogramma can withstand even reduce the temperature to -20 ° C.

The introduction of a state of diapause in of Trichogramma is mandatory reception, which promotes improvement of breeding material in terms of bio-laboratories.

Qualitative indicators of Trichogramma when stored in a state of diapause for:

two - four months does not practically change;

five - seven months 50% worse;

More than seven months flight of Trichogramma adults is about 20%

Let's count. To protect the corn from pests Trichogramma made approximately in July. When making diapausing of Trichogramma, since the larvae enter diapause in of Trichogramma (September-October) term storage will be ten months, but because of its quality indicators deteriorate by 80%.



Regarding the introduction of different of Trichogramma term revitalization including diapausing, which comes alive in 9-10 days

We argue that proposals for inclusion of Trichogramma, which revived since the release of more than five days - is nothing more than a marketing ploy sellers. Preferably settle Trichogramma adult stage or one day before its revival to prevent loss biomaterial.

Remember, daily egg’s sytotroga stay (laboratory entomophage host) infected trichogramma on earth and leaves of plants leads to the destruction of 10% their natural predators: - beetles, Staphylinidae, spiders and ticks. So ten days of waiting in crops may not revive why, in addition to pests.

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