How dangerous method of chemical plant protection is?

Have you thought about what pests and diseases on crop plants snatch that person cherishes in fields or gardens, at the time when the whole wild flora, healthy farmers who are not engaged in growing, prospers and multiplies without any sort of protection? What does "without any sort of protection," specify. Protection is still there. So to compare it protects plants "internal security": the natural health and secure immunity. And no wonder - the environment. Although carefully “keep” сhemistry fans use their pets as their older comrades - industrials. And if the first did not know what they are doing, and they do the latter in charge.

How dangerous method of chemical plant protection is?

Plants "planted on the needle" chemical protection is very vulnerable. They suffer from pests and diseases immediately when the effect of the drug decrease, but the chemical cultivation also suffers: they operate the plant depressing. "Chemistry" is reflected negatively on the plant organism in the distant future, - will cause the start of pretreatment of weak immunity. Analysis of soil microflora after pesticide use shows that the useful microflora soil-created numerous, and sometimes - no Fall of humus catastrophic losses - 0.1% per year. According to recent data, in some cases humus content in the soil is decreased by 25-30%. If you do not stop this rapid downward movement, it will permanently: in 2040 Ukrainian black soil will cease to exist. The unfavorable situation on the Ukrainian black soil is not only for microbiological level. There is a problem with entomofauna. Chemicals, not looking, and kill insect pests and beneficial, if it was more useful - not so fast harmful. It may be plagued resistance to pests of any pesticide. Each year, pesticide manufacturers are investing billions of dollars in the synthesis of new drugs and the elimination of the consequences of their using. Don’t forget the problems of public health nutrition. As you know, there is a supply circuits of accumulation of pesticides. Man, as the end user gets concentrated doses of chemicals. According to WHO estimates, every year in the world is about 500 thousand. People pesticide poisoning cases. About 10% of that number die many survivors remain disabled or become chronic.

Often you can hear the objections of some members of agronomy hull which boil down to one: "If chemical protection is not done - there will be no harvest." What is this alternative?

In recent years, European countries were clearly defined trend in plant protection system. There has been a shift from predominantly chemical to integrated systems. In world practice, this area is called sustainable pest management number ( Integrated Pest Management, IPM) . The most relevant and promising in the integrated plant protection system is a biological method which is the basis for the development of environmentally friendly, economical and long-term programs to combat pests. The biological method of combating harmful organisms based on the use of natural parasitic and predatory insects, fungal, bacterial, viral microorganisms and their metabolic products. The mechanism of action of biological crop protection is manifested in the form of parasitism, destruction and defeat Entomophages harmful organisms, bacteria, fungi and viruses, and use their anthological properties with respect to diseases of plants. Do not forget the experience of the Soviet Union, including Ukraine, in the application of biological methods of plant protection.

Why do manufacturers have been slow to grow environmentally friendly and cheaper products (due to cheap biological products?)

This is a more delicate work, we need a different level of experts, monitoring should be conducted of disease, pests. Growing environmentally friendly products, our state does not stimulate subsidies for the use of biologics is not provided. And the markets of agricultural products grown from the "chemistry" or "no chemistry" we are not divided and are at the same price. Do not forget about effective pesticide manufacturers lobby.

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