Not only trichogramma

We know that much of the caterpillar pests can migrate from areas surrounding agricultural crops and were not populated trichogramma. Therefore, the effectiveness of biological control of pests of Trichogramma should be combined making and ectoparasites - Habrobracon hebetor Say.

Bracon hebetor(synonym Habrobracon hebetor) - small (1,7-2,6 mm) Brakonidovi insect family. Larval stage of parasite in a wide range of lepidopteran is caterpillars.

If trichogramma affects the eggs of pests of plants, brakon impressive (paralyzed) caterpillars middle aged and older. The greatest effect is achieved by a combination of complementary issues of Trichogramma (against eggs) and brakona (against caterpillars). In this case, the need for additional use of chemicals in general disappears.

The rate of the dragon is 600 - 1000 individuals per hectare. Released ectoparasites resettled rapidly, adapting to the natural environment. He is an active search for the host (larvae of the pest) freely penetrating into the damaged fruit, cobs, stems.

A characteristic feature habrobrakona physical activity is high (500 meters) and the ability to search caterpillars’ pests. Three days after infection caterpillars almost do not harm the culture.


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