Protection of plants is not for reporting

To ensure true protection of plants from pests must realize that plant is a living organism. It’s taken by analogy with the treatment of human disease - here and chemical and biological methods; but in the first place - diagnosis and prevention. Most can be treated, but effectively - only doctor - specialist.

Building a true plant protection begins with diagnosis, is daily monitoring of crops. In large agriholdings just need specialist monitoring of pests. Folded Cards technological advance or programs for the protection of plants does not help in the fight against pests. Agrocenoses very volatile and different, even in other fields the situation with the types, number of phases and pests can dramatically vary. Because of specialist task - constantly monitor the condition of crops using Pheromone traps. Only on the basis of current data, you can decide on the use of certain drugs.

The real protection of plants should not share the methods, because one goal: to preserve the harvest and do not harm the environment. Even world-famous producers of chemicals, notably SYNGENTA implement integrated plant protection, where it occupied a significant part of biological agents - trichogramma, bugs, nematodes and others.

We are deeply convinced insecticide should be applied only in exceptional cases where cells revealed significant mass exodus caterpillar pests. It should be remembered:

  • harmful insects with resistance to a group of chemicals;
  • annual rotation of insecticides should be not only to change the name of the drug and chemical group;
  • insecticide effectiveness also depends on proper selection of date cultivation - the best day is considered the peak of mass exodus caterpillars;
  • younger caterpillars, the better are chemicals, and vice versa;
  • Warm and wet weather conditions accelerate the development of larvae and maturation of females. Cold and dry - delayed because the weather can shift out of the eggs and eggs a week or even two.

The essence of true protection products - not just destroy the pests, which are visible, and hold them to a minimum throughout the growing season of plants. Here chemistry powerless but strong biology.

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