In this article, we compare only the economic advantages of biological methods to chemical plant protection. Given that almost all insecticides foreign production and significant devaluation of the national currency, compare the cost of planting one hectare of corn in conventional units.

For example, compare the insecticide Korahen® production DUPONT

  • The preparation is registered in Ukraine against the following pests:
  • Maize: maize stem butterfly, cotton scoop
  • Apple: apple moth,
  • apple moth and leaf roller
  • California Quadraspidiotus perniciosus
  • (phase-traveler larvae): biological efficiency of 80%
  • Potatoes: Colorado potato beetle (adults and larvae), potato moth
  • Tomatoes, cotton and other scoop, Colorado potato beetle

Korahen® registered for use in potatoes in home garden

Normal use of 100-150 mg per 1 ha

The cost of 1 liter of product 120 USD.

Consequently, the cost of insecticide in soil Korahen   1 ha of crops 12-18USD

Cost of Trichogramma fo cultivation  1 ha of crops 1,5-2USD


The cost of air cultivation of Trichogramma - 1USD

the cost of air cultivation insecticides - 4USD.


The effectiveness of insecticide and of Trichogramma approximately the same and is 70 - 80%  (saves 6-8 cnt. corn harvest per hectare)


TThe use of biological methods of protection against lepidopteran corn pests compared with chemical saving approximately 20USD for one hectare of planting corn.

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