Organic farming - the way to success

Biological method of plant protection is an integral component system for the controlling of pests and pathogens of crops in organic agriculture. A part of the biological method is using entomophagy - Trichogramma.


Technologies of organic farming rapidly spread around the world. According to the International Federation of Organic Movement and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture land area under organic production by the end of 2009 amounted to 37.2 million hectares, which is almost 3.5 times more than at the end of last century.

Statistical information on organic production comes from 160 countries. Nowadays there is around 1% of global arable land in the EU and about 3% of agricultural land under organic production . It should be noted that compared with 2007 certified land area of the world rose by 14.8%. Leaders in the area of land involved in organic production are Australia - 12 million hectares, Argentina - US and 4.4 - 1.95 million hectares.

The world market for organic products is growing. In 2004 it was estimated at $ 25 billion in 2006 - about $30, in 2009 -$ 55, and in 2014, according to experts, is expected to increase in the world market of organic products to 96.5 billion dollars. The most developed markets for organic produce concentrated in the US, Germany and France. Among European leader of saling organic products are Germany with a market volume of over 6.6 billion euros.


The development of organic agriculture in Ukraine is much slower than in compared with other countries. According to the International Federation of Organic Agricultural movements and Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, in Ukraine there are a total of 155 organic farms. The certificated structure of organic farms by types standards indicates that about 89% of producers oriented to the external market and operates on a standard equivalent to Council Regulation EU NOR (USA) and Bio Suisse (Switzerland), 11% - are working on standards, are developed by the International Public Organization of Organic Products "Biolan" and focused on the domestic market.

Organization of Organic Products "Biolan" and focused on the domestic market. The area of certificated agricultural land on which organic production is risen in 2012 to 368.9 thousand hectares, which is allowed Ukraine to take the 16th place in the world for this results. According to the structure of certificated organic farmland 76.4% is arable land, 21.3% - pastures, 1.8% - 0.5% and fallow - perennial plants. It should be noted that Ukraine is the world leader in the production of organic honey and holds leading positions in the area of certified land: grain - the 4th place, sunflowers – the 5th, oilseeds – the 5th, vegetables -the 9th.

According to the Federation of Organic Movement of Ukraine, the volume of domestic market for organic products in 2008 amounted to 600 thousand euros, 2009 - 1.2 million euros, 2010 reached the mark of 2.4 million euros. In the commodity structure of organic products is dominated by winter wheat - more than 31%, sunflower – 27, maize - 19, barley, soybeans, sugar beets, respectively - 6, 5 and 2 other products does not exceed 10%. The adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On the production and circulation of organic agricultural products and raw materials" initiated the formation of full package legal acts to create an effective legal framework and of European Research and Technical and legal framework to ensure equal opportunities for organic entities directly.

The document defines legal, economic, social and organizational principles of organic agriculture requirements for cultivation, production, processing, certification, labeling, transportation, storage and marketing of organic products and raw materials. Under this law, the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine acquired to carry out the scientific support of production and turn over of organic products (raw materials). First of all, provides a scientific, organizational and technical framework for implementation of the Concept of organic production in Ukraine. Among the priority measures - coordination legal framework governing the sector of organic production for the international requirements, the organization of training for organic production, improve their skills, the promotion of fundamental and applied research in agroecology and organic production, creation of science parks for the transfer, development and approval of state strategy. It also provides application development of organic production rules legal acts on this production, guarantee system and control. And covered issues of organization of cooperation between the authorities of the organic production operators, NGOs, research institutions and universities; conservation and restoration of soil fertility methods that optimize their biological activity, ensuring a balanced supply of nutrients to plants, preserving land and other natural resources; recycling of waste and by-products of plant and animal origin in the production of organic products.

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